Have a solution to a social problem you know works?

Hunger, crime, homelessness: societies globally face a range of perverse problems. Though promising solutions exist, the frustration is that we can't seem to scale their social impact to match the true size of those problems.

Now the Social Replication Toolkit puts the ability to scale up your solution in your hands.

Take the Replication Readiness Test or just access the toolkit to get started.

Take the Replication Readiness Test

This test will help you assess your readiness for replication and help you to better prepare to replicate your solution.

The Social Replication toolkit is designed to help replicate the impact of an existing community-transforming project. We recommend that you:

  • have been up and running for at least 12 months
  • have promising evidence of social impact (more on that in the toolkit)
  • have a good understand the problem you are tackling

This toolkit will help you decide if replicating your project is right for you but if it isn't, most of the rest won't be relevant. It is the Social Replication Toolkit after all!

“With over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the US, the nonprofit world is incredibly fragmented. In aggregate civil society is not doing a good job of optimizing resources and making the most impact out of precious philanthropic dollars. While not every idea for social good deserves to be replicated, the very few that have scaled owe it to the prowess of heroic social entrepreneurs who make it up as they go without the luxury of a trusted user manual. ICSF's replication toolkit combines the lessons learned through years of work with social entrepreneurs into a robust methodology for nonprofits and social enterprises to evaluate their readiness for replication and to design their own path to scale.”

Bernadette Clavier

Director, Center for Social Innovation

Stanford Graduate School of Business

“We need everything from innovation to social investment and then scale up if we are to solve societies toughest challenges. The Bertelsmann Foundation invested in The Social Replication Toolkit to support social innovators to replicate their programmes that have already harnessed these factors, saving others time and resources. It fills an important gap in the scale up ecosystem of support.”

Dr. Brigitte Mohn

Member of the executive board

Bertelsmann Stiftung

“Over the last 6 years London Bubble have been developing the 'Speech Bubbles' drama programme. Working with ICSF we have created a social franchise package that will enable a rapid scale up of this effective, evidence-based intervention. This toolkit will support other organisations to scale up some of the amazing programmes that they are currently running.”

Adam Annand

Associate Director

London Bubble

“At BasicNeeds we have researched and developed our own form of social franchising with the support of colleagues from ICSF. This toolkit brings together many of the ideas we have elaborated over the years and, indeed, many more that we will definitely find useful in the future.”

Chris Underhill

Founder and President

Basic Needs

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